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Amusement Park Train For Sale

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Amusement park train, also called kids electric train, refers to a mechanical toy composed of a locomotive, a line of track and several carriages for kids to sit. The park train intimates real train and train track is made from regular steel rail. The vehicle is started by assembled current cabinet which inputs current to rail, and train model can be customized at one’s will. As a stunner in amusement park, fairground and shopping mall, the amusement train always attracts kids and adults’ attention instantly. Beston Group, a well-known amusement park train manufacturer, designs and produces high quality amusement park trains with track and trackless train for sale at competitive price.

Materials Of Tourist Train For Sale

Main materials of Beston amusement park train ride with track is glass fiber cloth and resin. That is, the mould is coated with a layer of resin and a layer of cloth for cohesion. The material is comparable with steels, characterized by light weight, anti-corrosion, heat preservation, noise insulation and long service life. For example, mall train is welded by 48’’ galvanized tube. Galvanized tube needs no spraying painting and will not rust.

The track is 0.7m wide, and 0.2m away from the ground. Then, sleeper is laid below the track and foundation is needless. The sleeper can be directly placed on flat ground, especially fit for the site with plants and trees and rockery. The train sleeper is made of fumigation wood. With minimum turn of 3m, the electric train ride covers 6*8m at least. Certainly our company completely follows the principle of tailor-made and clients can customize theme park trains according to site requirements.

Featured Beston Amusement Park Trains For Sale


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Structure Of Amusement Park Train Rides For Sale

To begin with, the locomotive guide rail automatically controls the traveling direction. Radar introduces minimum clearance distance induction of ultrasonic wave to avoid collision. Motor power of electric train carriage is 0.5kw. Both locomotive and carriage are set with lamp lights, brilliant at night. Then the motor is high end self-carried reducer motor. Travel speed of carnival train ride is 0.8m/s. Tires of birthday party train include iron wheel and polyurethane wheel, and then the latter can reduce noise and make the train travel smoothly.

However, a quantity of iron wheels must be applied due to its electric conduction function. Width and height of carriage are taken into account to satisfy comfort of tourists as well as size range of operating environment. Space arrangement and parameters of seats takes ergonomics as main reference to relax human muscle and remove fatigue. The entrance and exit of carriage are not less than width of both shoulders. Necessary hand rail is set to ensure passengers’ safety. In addition, body restraint is adopted for children because they are lively and active. Finally, wide vision of tourists is considered. Vehicle body and inside selects proper color, that is,  it gives visitors a delectable feeling.

Features Of Beston Amusement Park Train

  1. Colorful LED lights, flickering in varying colors
  2. Small bells at the locomotive to remind pedestrians to give way
  3. Safety protective net between two carriages will effectively minimize security risk
  4. Fitted with stereo system in every carriage, directly controlled by locomotive control room
  5. Then delicate packing and an inflatable bag put in the gap to prevent bump during transportation


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